's Tips
This page contains tips for improving your vehicular fuel economy. Tips will be validated prior to inclusion in this page and they will state how much gain was realized through their use.

Vehicle Weight Reduction - in progress. Once the phase 2 bike is stable I will add an equivalent weight to that carried in the stock configuration of the bike, some stuff has already been removed. The bike will be tested, then every ounce possible will be removed and an equivalent test performed.  This may take a few tries to insure the accuracy. The purpose is to prove that removing all that extra stuff from your trunk, or buying/building a lighter car, makes a real difference. The trick will be in weighing the bike accurately, ummm, and loosing some weight!

 Speed reduction - in progress.  Again the test is simple. We run our standard test circuit at the posted speed then again at a speed reduced 10% from the posted limit. Repeat each run to determine the deviation and the difference is the realized gain from reducing speed.

Vehicle control techniques - in progress. First we need to select a list of techniques to test. The ongoing list is below and things are added as I determine their validity. Once we are ready to perform the test a set of the techniques wil be chosen based on their ability to be used together. We make a standard no-technique ride then a ride using all of the techniques and check the diffeence in fuel ussage.

  • slow acceleration. This is a test of loss do to aggresive driving. Nough said
  • coasting down to stops as much as possible. reduce braking loss by thinking further ahead. The idea is to minimize braking loss to see how much is lost by waiting until the last minute to brake. I know you gain back energy by using regenerative breaking, if you have a way to input it back into the system. I want to see how much you can get just by planning ahead.
  • momentum management instead of speed control in hills. This is the biggest loss that cruise control cant ever do as well as a skiled driver in over coming, or that is the theory.  We know that you use less energy by building speed on the down hills then using it to go up the next hill. The problem is that it requires not sticking to one speed.  This one is a white nuckle, no holes barred dash for the best milage. 
  • Route based stop avoidance.  A short route with many stops vs. a longer rout with no stops. I am still working on this but the idea is to test how much varience comes from route selection between two points.  I want to see if I can pick a route that uses less energy than the route that the mapping software chooses as shortest or fastest.

Leaning the Fuel system - in progress.  This will require a EGA to insure the mixture isnt so lean that it could burn up the engine

Tire Pressure Maintenance - in progress.  I will test with the tires low on presure, inflated properly and over inflated to see how much difference it really makes

Gearing Alterations - in progress. This is a big one. We know gearing high helps a lot. To do that I need to have available lots of gearing options. I will test with stock then ramp up until I can go no higher and will post results of each test. I am looking at the use of Mountain bike gears and chain to get a higher ration. It is also suspected that the use of smaller chains will reduce the overhead energy consumption thus improving mileage

Tune up and spark plug maintenance - in progress.

  •  Need to test side gapping the plugs as well as trying some of the new plug styles.
  • Test advancing the spark a small amount and see what it does. Also I will try retarding the spark. I'm looking for  ways to improve economy and what impact out of tune has. This will probably show the impact of specific timing at the given engine rpm more than anything but I will try anyways. I may even find ways to make the phase three bike better.

Ignition system changes - in Progress. A list of plausible alterations is being looked into. Expensive ignition controlers will only be tested if either the data shows they are very promising or the manufacturers offer up an eval, I'm not made of money here!  Gimicks which have already been debunked or offer no reasonable data will not be included here. Gimicks that sound fun to test or offer a good chance of death or destruction may get on the docket just for kicks.