This End Up - the trailers
How do you carry all the camp gear, fuel and even a few boats on a motorcycle, hmmmmm

The phase two test of the KLR proved that the bike would carry enough gear for 1 man on an extended trip and still handle severe off road. It also proved that I could do it given a little Ibuprophene.

The problem is that we still have Film gear, fuel, boats, tires, and food for the extended period of time we will be away. At Americade the number of touring bikes with trailers made it obvious that my initial idea of carrying the gear on a trailer made sense to others as well.

I need a single wheel trailer frame like the Uni-go or the N-line. A frame that allows for the single wheel with suspension,  carrying 20 gallons of fuel along the sides of the wheel  plus 100 lbs of cargo forward of the wheel. Cargo would be in dry bags but a shield to keep dirt from the bikes wheel off of everything would be nice. That might be as simple as some plastic zip tied to the trailer hitch frame, ummm, which I also need to design.  There, that sounds easy! Now all I have to do is design and build it. 


  • universal hitch at axle height to prevent handeling issues, detachable from bike
  • ability to carry 100lbs forward of the wheel and 4 Jerry cans along sides of wheel
  • simple to manufacture, probably means square stock
  • Light but strong enough to handle off road, probably means aviation grade aluminum
  • soft enough suspension to prevent damage and wheel hop

A stop at Strictly Dirt showed that modern bikes use a number of differing suspension layouts but they all put the shock where I want the cargo. Also they involve complicated linkage that I dont want to deal with. I want a single shock if possible but I want it out of the way and out of the mud. I believe all that is left is to put it over the wheel. To that end I sketched the following drawing. Now I'm off to the bat cave to try and build a mock up to see if it still makes sense when I am looking at the real thing

 Four recent developments as of October 2009,

  1. the mock up of the above trailer design is assembled and has been loaded with bags similar in size to the raft, camping, food, film and tool/parts kits. Mock up fuel cans have been fitted and areasonably priced source for the 20+ Jerry Cans needed hae been located
  2. a number steel sizes have been ordered for testing. 1"x2"x1/8" for the swing arm main arms and a bunch of 3/4" for varios parts.Some 3/4"x1.5" for the two main frame tubes is also in route. Also a source for 2"x4"x1/8" aluminum for the hitch connectors has been located.
  3. A new wheel for Suzi-Q has been located freeing up the Front wheel I thought I needed for Suzi-Q. That means I have my first trailer wheel for the test trailer. I also have a shock from a quad for the first trailer.
  4. I did not have the trailer ready to test at the Pine Barrens 300. This means a winter test if I can finish it in time. Hmmmm, I need another off road course now!


Now I need to build the first real trailer. Too the Bat Cave!