This End Up - the route
This page is a documentation point for route developement. Enjoy your stay but understand that this is not done

The route begins, like all great things of course, in NYC.  For the finish I am thinking about Yut on the West side of Hudson Bay or Auyuittuq on the coast with Auyuittuq being my prefered destination. Both have advantages and disadvantages that need more hashing out. I will focus on Auyuittuq first and will move on to the Yut option if this doesnt pan out.


Section 1 - NYC to Bangor.

  • Start in NYC. I have a preference where I want to start but that will not be released until we get close enough to strt negotiating that. Need to find some weather or climactic related entity in NYC to begin the interviews with.
  • Interview at the top of Mount Washington on climactic change monitoring
  • Interviews along costal maine. Look for citizens of long residence to interview completing in Bar Harbor
  • inland to Bangor

Section 2 - Bangor to North Sydney Nova Scotia

  • Bangor to Border crossing at Houlton, straight up 95
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • North Sydney and Glacier Bay

Section 3 - Ferry into then across Newfoundland to St. Barbe

  • Option to go East for interviews at St. John's at the Eastern most portion of North America
  • Norris Point
  • Ferry to Blanc-Sablon in Labrador and another Border crossing

Section 4 - Labrador north to Killiniq, This gets tricky

  • The road to Cartwright, the last highway
  • Cartwright to Rigolet
  • Rigolet to Postville
  • Postville to Hopedale
  • Hopedale to Natuashish
  • Natuashish to Nain
  • Nain to Hebron
  • Hebron to Killiniq
  • Crossing the Hudson Straight

Section 5 - Nunavut, from Kimmirut to Auyuittuq, Nunavut tourism 866-nunavut. Nunavut mail is handled by the Canada Post Corporation. You can send packages ahead by calling 888-550-6333. Canada's national parks in Nunavut 888-773-8888 or

  • Kimmirut seems like the most logical landing spot when crossing the Hudson Straight. From there it is a straight shot with no population at all to Auyuittuq but we will stop in Iqaluit, the capital.. days to hike the skidoo trail. No snow in the summer but is too mountainous for dirt bikes. Maybe 1-1 1/2 weeks along the flatter winter trail with some water crossings. Mount Joy is in the way. search for information on vehicles and the trails. About 6-7 days hike from Kimmirut to Iqaluit, 867-975-7700 Nunavut parks. has maps of the lower area. Must register to enter parks at phone above.
  • Iqaluit, Nunavut's capital city actually has roads. Skidoo trail North  to Pannirtuuq is very mountainous and is unmarked. 300k but the trail may not be passable durring the summer do to mountainour terrain. It is also on the wrong side of the Cumberland Sound which will not be frozen durring the summer.It may be easier to stay to the right side of Baffin Island  and just go do north although the population would be good to have more close at hand.
  • Auyuittuq - If we havent been eaten by a bear we have made it

Sectioin 6 - Getting home before Winter

  • I dont even want to think about being caught up there in the Winter