This End Up - the bikes
This page is used for ducumentation of the bikes them selves

The initial descision to use the Kawasaki KLR650 was made years ago when the idea of this ride was first forming in my mind. To date I have done the following.


Purchased and outfitted an 08 KLR 650 using Whitehorse press gear. The bike is in the mid $5000 range brand new and outfitting it runs about $1000 per bike minus the trailer



Tested the bike and fitted gear in an off road test including a river crossing, deep mud and harsh rocky terrain. The Boxes proved to be the gratest risk here.  The depth of the aluminum boxes leave a risk for broken ankles if the rider takes his foot off the pegs. There are smaller Pelican cases that would ease that issue but would greatly lower the carry capacity of the bike its self.  On the up side the Pelican cases are very rugged and water proof.



Tested the bike fully loaded except for the trailer in the Americade Dual sport ride. For this ride I included everything I would carry including full tools, first aid, camp gear, clothing, ... I did this while keeping up with a number of very experienced riders on unloaded lighter weight dual sport bikes.




This ride showed that the two dry bag method of packing I have used for years on other bikes would not work on the KLR.  I refitted the gear at the camp at Lake George NY by mounting the camp site gear on the pannier lids. I need to work on appropriately sized bages for the lid mounts although the trailers may inevitably carry more of this gear elliminating the issue.

I also need to upgrade the foot pegs as was proven in the bikes second trial at the PineBarrens300 this year.


The trailer frame has been layed out in wood for size and reality validation. A trip to a local dirt bike shop has netted a rear wheel and a coil over shock for the first full version of the frame. A 2"x4"x6" universal joint mount will be employed and integrated into the pannier mount frame as well as connecting to the stock rack and rear foot peg mounting points.

Onme goal was to keep the suspension out of the way of the fuel and forward cargo and out of the mud. To that end it is going on top of the wheel. This means a custom swingarm as well. The steel is do in this week and construction of the first real trailer is finaly under way.