This End UP
Before people will lower their carbon foot print they need to acknowledge global warming. To that end is developing a ride to be filmed as an educational docudrama on the topic.

The East coast of the America has no viable means of reaching up into the Arctic Circle. That's good since it leave vast amounts of terain un touched. The indiginous people there may have a lot to say about Global Warming and there may be some very visible evidence worth filming.

The question then becomes how to get a film crew in there without spending a fortune. The answer is of course to use a motorcycle. Or in this case 5 of them.   For a New Englander such as my self the East coast could be refered to as "this end" and the Arctic circle could certainly be refered to as "up".  Therefor the plan is to go This End Up!


  • The Bikes - An initial bike has been outfitted and tested in both rough terrain and substantial water crossing. Next a fully loaded ride in the Americade Dual Sport ride was completed. See the ride report here
  • The Route - The route has been completed through most of Labrador and requests have gone out to a number of sites in Nunavut on Baffin Island seeking trail and terrain information north of Iqaluit 
  • The boats -  Getting the bikes over water deeper than 2 feet gets. We are working on the solution in The Boat Page
  • The trailers - A large cc Dual sport bike can carry enough to keep a person happily outfitted for a few months. So where then do you carry the Fuel, Film gear, tires, parts and food for a month?  
  • Funding and Sponsorship - Discussions have begun with both Whitehorse press and Twisted Throttle regarding outfitting the bikes. This assumes KLR650s  for which the discussion with Kawasaki must still occur

What we need

  • 5 Large CC dual sport motorcycles
  • 5 single wheel trailers for gear and gas
  • Luggage and special equipment for those 5 bikes
  • Camera gear, HD is a must and lots of media and a still camera also
  • A computer for writing footage and images to multiple discs. Must have a sustainable recharge system with either Solar or Bike power being the options available as I see it 
  • A means of tracking progress, The would be something like a Spot tracking system 
  • A way to charge the cameras, probably off the bikes
  • A camera man to film
  • A cook who can deal with limited cary capacity and localy available food
  • Camping gear
  • Tires, some with studs, oil and other expendable parts for the bikes
  • A way to cross water, see the boats page 
  • Food, clothing and gas, hopefully someone will go to the sponsorship page to help with this
  • A boat to ferry the 5 from Killinek to Iqaluit.
  • A route to follow, see the route page 
  • Permision from my wife, here in lies the tricky part!