GetBetterMPG sponsorship
GetBetterMPG needs your help. To discuss donations please contact us at

GetBetterMPG is currently seeking financial donations to cover day to day opperating costs as well as  the cost assosciated with our two current projects. Additionaly there is a need to fund ongoing educational offerings derived from these projects for underpriviledged school systems. A running list of what is needed is posted here

The purpose of is simple as seen in our mission statement copied below. Mission Statement:

  1. To promote vehicular fuel economy improvements and to freely provide understandable quantified data on economy gains available through easily achievable methods, modifications and choices.
  2. To show real world effects of Global warming and its ties to the carbon foot print issue
  3. To develope, Promote and offer, at no cost to under privileged school systems, an educational presentation utilizing the equipment and information from the above and future projects. The purpose of this presentation is two fold. First is to promote the need for, and interest in, both Math and Engineering Sciences.  Secondly we seek the promotion of a conservation based mindset and a belief by our youth in their ability to succeed at solving the worlds future problems..

While some charge to help offset the cost of lessons will be requested from those school systems that can afford it we need to first build the materials and the interest for these lessons forst.   After that we will need financial assistance to offset the cost of offering this education. It is our belief that many of the school systems that can not afford such offerings are those that need it the most.  Financial donations and grants will be required to make these educational services available to the public.

The following is a list of major financial needs which require funding in the near term

  • Basic bussiness opperating costs. This covers things like legal fees for the creation and maintenance of the non profit company, office and shop space, web site and phone costs, salary so we can stop working our other jobs and do this full time....
  • Finacial cost of building and operating the HighMPG bike through both initial test and developement and on the cross country trip. Our intent is to film this as part of our educational offering.  So far this has all been covered out of pocket but we can not cover everything we need.  The cross Country trip includes costs for hotels, food, fuel,  transportation to and from the start and finish for the bike and the support / film crew. This trip is to promote as a brand image as well as to help build public awareness of our mission as well as to build the educational material
  • Equipment and operating funding for the "This End Up" project.  This project is the primsaary promotion vehicle supporting part b of our mission statement. In addition to the equipment listed in the project page we need funding to cover the cost assosciated with the trip. Upon completion It is this organizations hopes to produce a film to help promote publicly our mission as well as for use in the educational offerings
  • Finaly we need financial donations to cover the cost of lesson developement, promotion, staff salary and travel to and from the schools needing this type of offering.

Additionaly we are seeking to establish strategic partnerships in certain areas where we can offer our branding for advertisement purposes in exchange for services. Some of the areas where we seek such partnerships are listed below.

  • A single Hotel chain with nation wide presence  to provide lodging for the primary ride across country as well as for promotional and Educational trips.
  • Promotional support for overall ride as well as the stops along the way. A single national organization such as a News Network with affiliate offices across the country would work well here.  Our initial thoughts have been to partner with a single network for the larger coverage and that networks individual weather reporting offices in the cities along the way. Of course we are open to other suggestions on other ways that we can accomplish this in ways that benefit both parties
  • Promotional support for the overall project. Magazine articles and coverage by other media organizations to work in conjuction with the larger overall media coverage from the network above.

If you wish to contact us regarding financial donations, sponsorship or partnership please email us at  We check this daily and will likely trip over chairs and tables as we run to the phone to call you back.