Welcome to GetBetterMPG.org

GetBetterMPG.org is a non profit organization dedicated to the following three enterprises


Develope, test, publish and promote real world methods for cutting vehicular carbon fuel ussage. The primary vehicle for this project is the Suzi-Q project with the assosciated teting followed by a planned ride from LA to NYC.  The results of this work will all be freely published in the Tips page 

Develope and promote knowlege, and proof, of the current effects of Global warming showing the ties to carbon fuel ussage. This is an effort to promote the need to reduced carbon fuel ussage. The current endevor for this is called This End Up in which a team will follow the East Coast North until we either reach the Arctic Circle or prove that wecan not.



Develope, Promote and offer at no cost to underprivileged school systems an educational presentation utilizing the equipment and information from the above and future project to promote the need for both Math and Engineering Sciences as well as the promotion of a conservation based mindset and the ability for individuals to succeed at solving the worlds real future problems.


GetBetterMPG is currently seeking Corporate Sponsorship and Financial Donations. For infomation on what is needed and how you can help look in our sponsorship page

To see why we do this read our Mission Statement. To learn how this started read the how it started page