High MPG bike phase 4
Plotting, planning and publicity

Phase four will begin prior to completion of phase three as it does not actually involve the bike itself. In this phase we will begin planning of the actual ride and will be seeking sponsorship for the publicity portion of the ride. Both of these must wait until this point so that we have a good idea of the bike can and can not do. How far we can go in a day will be needed to plan how many days the ride will take which will be important in planning the stops at the sponsors sites. Therefor this page hold two things. The route planning and the search for a sponsor.

As for sponsors I plan to pursue a network like NBC (Today show) or ABC (Good Morning America) or CBS(The Early Show) first. What I would like to do is begin each morning with the weather man in the area I slept. I would then end each day with the weather man in the area I finish, by 5 pm each day I think. Next morning I am up with the weather man again. I would end in NY City with a National show.. Why the weather man you ask. Because I need to know what it will be like out to decide if I can ride or not so each morning I will ask the weather man. Each evening I will ask if I am riding tomorow or not.

As for the route itself The basic plan started as SanFrancisco to NY.  LA to NY would work too and I am working out some route options for both right now. Some of the final descision will be based on how many miles I can do a day and what the sponsor would like, remember, someone needs to pay for this still.