High MPG bike phase 3
The heavy lifting phase where in I must build a whole new bike.

 January 2008 - Still hacking away at the original bike frame in phase two.  I need to come back here eventualy to turn this page into a project management page with a list of steps to complete. Until then I will put any phase three info that comes up in this page for safe keeping

I need some heavy equipment to fabricate the frame and fairing. In addition to the EGA from the phase 2 carb page I need the following. Time to begin begging I suspect since none of this is in my budget

  1. Metal bender for up to 5/8 round http://www2.northerntool.com/product/7826.htm
  2. English wheel with a 22" throte http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_200245524_200245524
  3. a set of sheet metal hammers including a slaing hammer. This is for forming and smooting the small bits of the fairing and for after the big pieces are joined since they wont fit in the English wheel any more.

April 2, 2009 - The frame design is coming together in my head and I need to start drawing some stuff out. My biggest concern is that when I move the stearing head down and out to follow the fork tube's original trajectory downward from the triple clamp, I will be altering the rake and trail and will thus create a shake or other instability. The reason for this change in geometry is to lower the top of the frame and forks for aerodynamics. I would have the forks shortened, probably by Frank's maintenance and Engineering (a.k.a. Forking by Frank) at 945 Pitner, Evanston, Il. 60202, 847.869.6792. I have asked on the  MC chassis design forum what peoples thoughts on this are but dont have my answer yet. I may go to Orange county choppers and ask for their advice. They deal in extreme rake and trail alterations all the time and should know this stuff well

October 1, 2007 - I have ordered and recieved two Ron Covell videos. One video is on working with steel tubing and one is on working aluminium sheet with hand tools. I also picked up a sand bag and stretching hammer but will have to make a slaping hammer my self since he no longer makes them.

Some thought has gone into the new frame although I am no where near ready to build it yet. There is loads of phase two stuff to do first. I think a double cradle frame will work with the upper cradle going outside of the cylinder and just over the case. The cradles will continue forward of the goose neck to suppport the fairing and may even hold the fuel up front. The goose nect will be cradled in between the upper and lower frame tubes. The lower frame would go under the case. I still need to sort out the rear shock support but the basic shape is starting to gel in my brain. I also need to figure out how short I can make the forks and if I need to add rake and trail if I do that.

I have been looking for aluminium and tubing and have located a shop only 10 minutes away that will order anything I need. I have ordered some 3003-h4 sheet to practice with.  Covell used .063" but I want to try something thinner to see how light I can make the fairing. I may still end up making a Carbon fiber fairing but I like the thought of using aluminium more for some reason