HighMPG bike phase2 gearing
Ratios and RPM are the thing we are after here

The list of things to do before the gearing tests can begin is first.

  1. Procure sprockets, I have two but I need more
  2. Make them fit,  I made some room for the front but I need the sprockets first
  3. find higher ratio gears.
  4. Kick around the idea of running the gears, chain and free hub from a mountain bike
  5. crack open the tranny and fit new gears.
  6. test other chain sizes for energy drain vs stregth needed

I already have a very higher ratio sprocket set and a new chain to begin the gearing tests with. Before we can start testing this summer I need to be sure they fit. It would not do to find something didn't fit in the middle of prime testing weather. To that end there are a few things I need to do before the summer time testing season begins

First up I needed to test fit the larger front sprocket. This is now complete. It required removing the gear possition indicator sender unit. To do that I needed to cover the hole with something lower profile so the oil didnt drain out. Unfortunately durring this process some of the grease from beteen the chain, where the swing arm pivots, found it's way into the rug. You wouldent believe how hard it was to get out.  The new cover is now in place with plenty of room for a big sprocket and chain.  I still need to get a bigger one to see what I will hit next, probably the clutch actuator lever portion of the case. I will leap off of that bridge when I come to it though though I will email the sprocket manufacturer and see how big of one they can make me. 

Second I need to test fit the smaller rear sprocket. Not this weekend though since I dont see this as a pit fall so far.

I still need to find  a lower first gear and higher fifth gear. I found a dr125 engine for $75 but it is in TN. We are working out the shipping options at this time. It is my hope the first few gears are lower.  I also want the kick start from this engine to see if I can fit it in my engine.

The sprockets I have now came from http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/.

  • I have a 518-16 for the front and a 460-28 for the rear
  • I need a 518-18 and a 518-20 for the front if they exist
  • I may need a smaller rear if one can be made

A system to guide the chain and not let it slap up and down will need to be made for the next generation bike. I have some small skate board wheels and bearings thst will work nicely but I am still thinking about the mounting assembly. Something will come to me eventualy.