High MPG bike phase 2 carburetor system
This carburetor is killing me.

Here I will document what I need to do to the carb followed by what has already been done. First a list of things I think I must accomplish eventualy. R U getting sick of my lists yet? So am I, Sorry!

  1. make the carb work normaly. I think I have it fixed now. Still I need to be sure it is adjusted correctly. I have had it off the bike about 8 times now.
  2. figure out how to determine how lean it is running. This part will probably involve an EGA
  3. see how lean I can make it and still have the bike run. Blowing things up is a real issue here. I will try not to do that.
  4. look into options for fuel injection. I am skypilot on http://www.msruns.com/ where the megasquirt efi controller is discussed. I am seeking help there right now

New links to loads of information have been uncovered

  1. http://www.megamanual.com/v22manual/mintro.htm
  2. http://www.msefi.com/

June 2009 - I have begun seeking information on the EFI conversion using the Megasquirt / micro squirt systems. I am skypilot on http://www.msruns.com/ where the megasquirt efi controller is discussed. I am seeking help there right now. I also found the various forums listing here to be usefull. http://www.megamanual.com/forums.htm. Additionaly I am skypilot at http://www.microsquirt.com/ since I am unclear of the difference between Micro and Meg squirt

To date the Carb has been off a number of times in an attempt to make it work correctly.  We will know next test ride if I finaly have it or not. The diaphram is definately working right now. We will see how long that lasts too. That said I can not control input enough so I need to test the

Carb Links - this will include links to carb rebuild stuff, carb adjustment and modification stuff, EGA and measurement stuff and  what ever I can find on Fuel Injection retrofiting.

  1. EFI hack for Motorcycles at http://www.hackaday.com/2008/04/27/efi-your-motorcycle/
  2. I need a source for used scooter parts. I need a throttle body injection system for a 125 cc scooter
  3. Carb rebuilding link http://dirtbike.off-road.com/dirtbike/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=332661
  4. A good primer on CV carbs http://www.highlifter.com/forum/Basic_CV_Carburetor_Tuning_Guide/m_1872049/tm.htm
  5. An expensive but hand held portable EGA option from http://www.blankeindustries.com/ were quoted at $999-$1,599 depending on model and the printer was $399. The high end model measures on an rmp range and graphs, WOW! Quoted by the following person.
    Robin Randby, Blanke Industries, (847) 487-2780
  6. This is more my price range at $209.99. http://www2.northerntool.com/product-1/200318179.htm It runs on 12v so I might be able to rig it for a rolling test. I need to beg Northern tool for some support here!
  7. A company in GA rebuilds carbs. - http://www.motorcyclecarbs.com/
  8. Flo Commander specialists. I think they are in AL - http://www.performance-design.net/carburetor%20FC%20tuning.htm


Sunday October 7th - This Carburetor is sucking the life out of me.

I tore down the carb again this week to see why I can not rev the engine now. I am rapidly approaching the point of sending it to Motorcyclecarbs.com to let them rebuild it. That will not be free though so I am trying as hard as I can to get it right.

I checked all of the new jets against the original to make sure they were the correct size and they seem to be correct, the diaphragm is good and is seated properly, that is very important since vacuum works on it to move the slide in a Constant Velocity Carb. The Choke circuit seems to be correct and is not bleeding extra fuel past when it is closed. Moving the slide up and down pushes air out where it should.

Best I can tell the darn thing should work like a champ. As of right now it is mounted back on the bike and, as far as I can tell, in perfect working order. Since the gas tank needs to stay off while I work out a better one I wont know for a while.


October 1, 2007 - plotting, planning and carb adjustment

The carb is back off again. Just cant get it right, but I am learning loads. Now I know that I need to stay with a CV carb since at the low end this will balance out my jerky inputs. The alternative is fuel injection but I havent found something that I can adapt yet.