High MPG bike phase 2
The experimental phase - it is unlikely that the bike will be pretty durring this Phase

This phase involves experimenting with changes to the motorcycle to test fuel economy improvements gained by each change. All of the information learned here will be posted in the tips page as well as being used to build the new bike in phase 3.  It is truly unlikely that the bike will be attractive to look at durring this phase. The proof of this is seen to the right

Changes completed, in progress or planned. I have layed out all of the planned projects in phase 2 below. I also built sepparate pages for those already in progress

  • Fuel delivery - It turns out that the first real problem I encountered was measuring how much MPG I was really getting. Since I have more than 100 test rides to complete this was important.   Read all about it in the Fuel Follies  
  • The Test TrackChoosing a test course to try each change on
  • Speedometer - I picked up a Trex Incite 6i trip computer made for Bicycles. It will cover the top speeds I need and allows me to set my own wheel diameter. By using the magnetic pickup on a spoke I can remove any mechanical energy drain that the cable operated unit has. It is also much smaller and lighter.  You can see this device here
  • Carburetion - The Carburetor is going to be a major design factor and will require some education and some serious testing. For that reason I created it's own page which can be found here
  • Electrical - I am in the middle of stripping everything I dont need. When done I plan to replace the current electron supplier with either a solar panel or a lower output alternator thus reducing the power requirements. First step of designing the system was completed when I finished the new Wiring diagram.  You can follow the progress, sparks and all, here
  • Gearing - This is a big one and may account for most of my gains. I already have two very different sprockets and a new chain. These will be tested before the final drive freewheel system in installed. The page is here but no data has been put in yet 
  • Weight - I have already cut a lot of steel and removed a bunch of un needed parts. The eventual goal is to be a light as possible. That means me too but we will get to that later. I plan to add back enough weight to mimic the original bike to see how much impact is gained by removing weight
  • Final drive & freewheel - The plan is to try and duplicate a wheel I read about someone else building. It will allow the sprocket to freewheel on the rear hub if I shut off the engine. This is to prevent the engine from being turned and thus stopping the carb from trying to draw fuel.  I have begun a page for this here
  • Nose fairing - I will add a small fairing to the nose to measure how much MPG I gain by breaking the air cleanly at the front. The fully stream linned bike doesnt come until late in phase three but this will give us a taste of what to expect there. Time to steal the wifes salad bowl!
  • Tires - I plan to test the affect of changing tire presure to document how big of a problem low presure really is as well as how much gain can be had by over presurizing the tires.   I will also try a few different tire styles to see how much I can improve the MPG by changing the rolling resistance and contact patch
  • Oil delivery - In addition to moving the motorcycle the engine must move other things, the alternator and oil pump included. I plan to try to determine how much energy is being expended on the oil pump to see if I can improve that. It may even go in the remove list if I find I can do this electricaly with the solar panels
  • Spark Plug Options - I plan to try side gapping the plugs to see if it really has any impact. I found a description here http://performanceunlimited.com/documents/plugsidegapping.html.  I will also try some of the new alternative plugs like the ones at http://www.pulstarplug.com/ to see if they help
  • What else should I try? - If you know something else I should try here please email me at skypilot@getbettermpg.org I can use all the help I can get!