High MPG Motorcycle photo history

This page is a photo History of the High MPG bike project. I will add photos as visible changes are made

I will place the images in this page in chronological order and will probably add some notes as well.

This is the day the bike arrived at my home.    The airbox was filled with bird seed from some busy moce. The front mirrors had been smashed from existence. The carb was gummed up so bad that all of the jets were solid and the slide would not move up or down at all.  There was no spark even after I put a new battery in it.  The engine cases are scuffed on both sides and the front wheel is a different color than the rear wheel, I dont want to know what that is about.


This was taken the day I officialy ended phase 1. Running, registered and had been ridden more than 100 miles to show a mpg of 89.52.

The blinkers on the front came from a parts bin at a local bike shop. They are late model Triumph parts but fit very nicely.






 But now it looks like the picture on the right. The Wire diagrasm is done so now I am bolting electronic junk back on it. This is having it's own affect on the appearance