's donations being sought
This is a list of current needs for which is seeking donations

Financial needs

  1. Salary
  2. general bussiness costs
  3. office and shop space
  4. general shop opperations and supplies
  5. non predicted or unussual parts and supplies for the test vehicles

Partnership needs

  1. A national news organization with local affiliates coast to coast in the USA
  2. A National Hotel Chain
  3. Clothing donations for press events and educational offerings

other equipment needs

  1. Computers. 
    1. Two tablet computers or mini notebook computers  for use in functional tests while mounted to the test vehicles. These are to be used for data aquisition on highly experimental vehicles and will not be used for desktop processing although GPS tracking will be part of their function
    2. two desktop computers for general office work, web documentation and curriculum developement
    3. 2 Laptops or mini laptops for presentation purposes as well as General office needs while on the road one projector for coprporateand classroom presentation
  2. Spot Tracking device with tracking service or GPS with significant logging capabilities.  Needed for tracking and documenting test rides as well as the longer promotional ride.
  3. Clothing for both the ride, press events and other apearances. Cassual clothing for use in the bike durring the longer ride as well as Suits and other bussiness cassual clothing for use durring presentations, Press events and Interviews. We are Mechanics but must still present a profesional front to the world at large and especialy to the young minds we seek to influence for the better with our educational offerings
  4. A vehicle to tow multiple bikes with and to move equipment around. Something utilitarian while being economical is needed for general bussiness needs. The ability to tow an enclosed trailer capable of hauling two bikes around to events and educational offerings is an absolute requirement. No requirement for 4 wheel drive exists. This seems to leave a car, crossover or minvan class vehicle capable of towing up to 2,000 lbs while carrying 3-4 people. Enough side and rear blank area to display our logo as well of those of our major sponsors is desired.
  5. An enclosed trailer cabable of carrying 2 motorcycles plus display and promotional materials safely and with the ability to be secured. A system for securing the vehicles physicaly within the trailer will be a big consideration and the ability to fit an alarm as well as a solar charging sysytem and batery to support the alarm are desired.
  6. Additional small motorcycles for conversion to test vehicles. 3-4 100 to 250cc single cyl motorcycles of a dual sport and or street bike configuration. A single brand and year would be very helpful for parts and design commonality. Variation in design will aid in building for varied test requirements, i.e. 2 dualsport and 2 cruisers so we have 2 lighter frames for quich and easy tests and 2 beefier frames for mounting platforms for test equipment.
  7. Solar panels and 12 volt charge controllers to fit the bike fairing
  8. Vinyl sign cutter and supplies. This is to mark bikes, helmets, trailers and anything else where branding signage would be advantageous.

Tooling needs - this can be adjusted some to allow a single vendor to be our shop supplier. We will simply buy the one or two items not carried by the vendor.  This said our tooling needs are forever changing as ongoing experimentation leads to new technolgies in which we wish to test. For this reason we seek a large tool and shop supplier to partner with

  1. English Wheel, HF bench top unit is lot #97359
  2. Planishing hammer, HF bench top unit islot #97028
  3. Anvil
  4. Tig Welder
  5. Air compressor capable of powering a paint gun and a planishing hammer
  6. Paint guns, touch up and full size
  7. General shop tooling with assosciated tool box
  8. sheet metal shear, press brake and slip roll capable of handeling up to 30inches, HF lot # 5907 . larger sepparate tools would be moredesireable but this sufice
  9. Torch set with large bottles - we have a small torch but must refil tanks often
  10. Sheet metal tools for Hand forming - hammers, dollies, snips, Clecos...
  11. Vaccuum  pump and materials for composite forming. This is to form fairings
  12. Small milling machine with tooling. for manufacturing parts for the vehicles
  13. Large drill press