Welcome to the High MPG bike project
This is the home page for GetBetterMPG's High MPG Motorcycle project

The High MPG Bike Project has two parts. First is the on going testing of different things that can be done to save fuel. All tests are done in a repeatable fashion and in a way that allows for an extreme measure of accuracy. All results are published under the tips portion of www.getbettermpg.org. The eventual final version of this bike, it changes every time it rolls out of the garage, will be for a ride from LA to NY as part of a publicized ride made to promote GetBetterMPG.org and the need to, and ability to, employ fuel saving techniques in every day life.

Phase 1 of the project is complete and can be read about in detail here.  A hundred miles of testing showed the initial MPG for the Suzuki GN125, which I am now calling Suzi-Q, to be 89.52 mpg.  Phase one involve a years worth of research to determine the best bike to use as a starting point.  Additionally there was a search for a bike of the right type that met our budget of,  ummmm,  nothing. Finaly the bike had to be registered and returned to it's original opperating condition. remember going forward that 89.52 was the magic startiing number. Everything done from this point forward will be judged relative to this number

Phase 2 involves turning Suzi-Q into a rolling test platform to test fuel economy improvements gained by each change. Testing will be performed on electrical, oil delivery, tires, fuel delivery and other systems to make a determination on how these items will be changed durring phase three.  All data gained durring these tests will be documented in the Tips page.  This phase is currently in progress aas documented in the Phase 2 pages.  It is unlikely that Suzi-Q will be attractive to look at durring this phase.  Now where did I put that cutting torch?


Phase 3 involves some heavy lifting and is to some extent already in progress. In this phase I am building a new motorcycle from the ground up using information learned in phase 2.  A great deal of work in the form of research has gone into this phase already. while I can not begin building the bike until the data from phase 2 is available I have begun building the skills and tool set needed to complete this phase.  What comes out of phase three will in no way resemble what you think of as a motorcycle.  For a glimps of how some other bikes have come out  looking one might have a look here.

Phase 4 will begin prior to completion of phase three as it does not actually involve the bike itself. In this phase we will begin planning of the actual ride and will be seeking sponsorship for the publicity portion of the ride. Both of these must wait until this point so that we have a good idea of the bike is capable of and what it can not do. How far we can go in a day will be needed to plan how many days the ride will take which will be important in planning the stops at the sponsors sites.

phase 5 will involve testing and tuning the bike as completed in phase three. What will come in this phase will be entirely determined by the testing and can not be spoken to at this time

Phase 6 involves preparation for the ride. In addition to completion of the opperational plan this step will include migration of the finished bike to the start point for th ride and putting in place everything that will be needed durring the ride. By the end of this phase we will likely have no hair left.

Phase 7 is the ride itself. final preride word on this is entirely dependent on the above steps.

Phase 8 will be the real payoff from this project. It is in this phase that we will try to build on the results of the above ride publicity to build an ongoing means of supporting the primary objective of GetBetterMPG.org.  If you had forgotten that then you can reread it on our home page.

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